More Than Just a Clan

NFT Gaming & Metaverse

The Future Of Gaming

More than just a gaming clan, IntroXpector is the gaming community of the future, harvesting the power of blockchain through NFT gaming and the metaverse.

We are here to help both beginner and hardcore traditional gamers transition into NFT gaming, and help newcomers get into and navigate the metaverse.

We provide our gamers with active clans in multiple NFT games where they get an opportunity to get paid in crypto in exchange for the time spent gaming and with our own hang outs in the metaverse where they can socialize and talk gaming.

The future of gaming is here and IntroXpector is your gateway into NFT gaming and the metaverse.

Play To Earn

What is NFT Gaming
& The Metaverse?

NFT Gaming is what you get when gaming meets blockchain technology. NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) gaming not only give you ownership over your in game assets,  meaning you actually own your collectibles as assets and can trade them anytime you want, it also provides you with an opportunity to earn money in the form of crypto while playing.

The metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds which is slowly taking over the internet. Imagine instead of socializing through plain social media profiles or contacting businesses through their websites, with a personalized avatar in a 3D environment you could roam around a city, walk into a building, meet and talk with avatars of other real life people to socialize or who are running real life businesses in the metaverse. You could get your banking done while in the metaverse or even own land in the metaverse that will give you ownership over land in the real life.


Flight Of The Introxpector

Below is our roadmap for the years to come. The dates and tasks are not fixed in stone and should be viewed more as a reference for what we are trying to accomplish on a long term basis.

Our growth not only relies on that of the NFT games and metaverse projects we are active in, but also on the whole sentiment towards crypto and Web3 in general.

Things could happen sooner or later than on the roadmap but either way, IntroXpector is going to keep growing.

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